Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

Customs Broker License number: R-365-2016-CBS, granted by Chennai Customs

Our Managing Director Mr. Prabin Kumar is a CBLR Rule – 6 qualified and licensed Indian Customs Broker.

In a strategic move to offer full-fledged Customs clearance and Consultancy services, we have founded a new company, Mov & Go Logistics. In Mov & Go, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals for Customs clearance and Documentation. Our team can handle any kind of clearance jobs and offers professional guidance to our customers on documentation, various licenses, Govt.incentives, Drawback, EPCG license, IEC, ATA Carnet, temporary imports, repair and return and all other services related to import and export.

We offer customs clearance for import/export through all major airports and seaports in India. Our experienced and dedicated team can handle all the activities and documentation for smooth clearance of your goods.

Our services include:

  • Export and import shipments by air or sea
  • Clearance of goods for Special Economic Zones like SEEPZ, Technology Parks
  • Exhibition and temporary imported goods under ATA CARNET
  • Export clearance under various export promotion schemes and incentive schemes
  • Bonding and Ex-bonding
  • Re-export or Re-import, repair and return clearance
  • Project clearance
  • Clearance of Personnel, unaccompanied baggage and household goods
  • Re-import – Export from Bonded warehouse
  • SVB clearance for relation party business
  • Arrange EPCG licenses to import capital goods without payment

We ensure timely delivery of the post clearance documents and follow-up with statutory authorities for availing Export Scheme benefits and incentives. With our well-designed SOP, our team can keep tracking and follow-up on all the export benefits credited from Customs to customer’s bank account.

Govt. of India is taking several initiatives to reduce the clearance dwell time for import shipments reaching Indian ports. As a licensed Customs Broker, our team focus on the fast clearance of cargo and work towards reducing the dwell time in clearance.

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